“Vortex Racing takes pride in its commitment to championing the finest talents among amateur and privateer riders through our comprehensive support and contingency programs. If you believe you possess the qualities to ascend to the esteemed status of a Vortex Athlete, we invite you to complete the Vortex Athlete Application for consideration. A dedicated Athlete Support Representative will initiate contact with you.

Our steadfast dedication to Vortex Athletes encompasses two distinct avenues of support:

Athlete Support:

Earning the title of a Vortex Athlete is akin to joining an exclusive fraternity within motorcycle racing. This distinction confers unparalleled benefits, including sponsorship opportunities, strategic marketing exposure, prominent visibility within the racing community, and a plethora of additional privileges.


The Contingency program operates on a merit-based system, allocating financial rewards to Vortex Athletes based on their commendable track record. Vortex issues certificates that hold monetary value, contingent upon race results. It is important to note that these certificates are subject to a 12-month expiration period.

Contingency Payouts:

  • 1st Place: $50.00
  • 2nd Place: $30.00
  • 3rd Place: $25.00

Contingency Requirements:

  • A minimum of five riders within your designated class.
  • Prominent display of Vortex Logos on both sides of your motorcycle.
  • Equipping your motorcycle with Vortex sprockets.

We extend our support to riders participating in the following classes:

WERA Classes:

  • Open & 750 Superstock Novice
  • A B C D Superstock Expert & Novice
  • Lightweight (LW) & Heavyweight (HW) Twins Superstock Expert

CCS Classes:

  • Lightweight (LW), Middleweight (MW), Heavyweight (HW), & Unlimited Supersport in both Amateur & Expert categories

CRA Classes:

  • Welterweight (WW), Featherweight (FW), Ultralight, (UL), Lightweight (LW), Middleweight (MW), Heavyweight (HW), & Unlimited Supersport in both Novice & Expert categories

Kindly note that even if you have previously enjoyed being a Vortex Athlete, annual re-application is requisite to ensure the continuity of support and contingency disbursements.

For your convenience, please proceed to complete the enclosed application for due consideration. We anticipate rendering a response within a timeframe of 7 to 10 business days.”

1Personal Information
2Renewal Information

Becoming an Official Vortex Athlete

Please fill out the following application for consideration. You will receive a response within 7 to 10 business days.

Personal Information