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FB228 :: OE Replacement Fairing Bracket Arm: Black

Retail Price: $34.95

Quantity Available: 1


OE replacement fairing bracket arm - all mounting points are the same as the stock bracket

OE Ref# 64501-MBW-D20

Make Model Year
HondaCBR600 RR2007
HondaCBR600 RR2008
HondaCBR600 RR2009
HondaCBR600 RR2010
HondaCBR600 RR2011
HondaCBR600 RR2012
HondaCBR600 RR2013
HondaCBR600 RR2014
HondaCBR600 RR2015
HondaCBR600 RR2016
HondaCBR600 RR2017
HondaCBR600 RR2018
HondaCBR600 RR2019
HondaCBR600 RR2020